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Dragonica Online Indonesia Launched

by Yaiman on Nov.22, 2009, under

Dragonica Online is a Full 3D Side Scrolling MMORPG developed by Interactive Barunson from Korea and was released in several other countries like the United States, Europe, Australia, China, Japan, Thailand, and several other Asian countries. IAH Games Indonesia finally decided also to make Dragonica Online as the first game released for Indonesia. In launching the event even also heard from representatives GameQQ Barunson Interactive that they are currently developing Dragonica 2 which is not yet known when it will be finished or released.

Dragonica Online main features are as follows:
• 2D side-scrolling action / 3D rendered characters
• Re-playable instanced missions
• Couple's system
• Player vs. player interaction
• Job advancement paths
• Enchanting system
• Open player-run market
• Updated cash shop
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Dead or Alive Online

by Yaiman on Nov.22, 2009, under

Genre Action
Developer TECMO
International Shanda Entertainment
Payment Free to Play
Status Beta

Dead or Alive Online brings a fantastic stage for players to play.

Player not only can participate in regular tournaments, but will also receive invitations fighting that led them to participate in "underground boxing" and other fighting contests. DOA Online not only supports solo play mode, also allows the player to form a team with friends to coordinate in fighting.
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2029 Online

by Yaiman on Nov.22, 2009, under

Genre : Action
Developer : BEIJING BaiNa Digital Ent. Co.
International : IGG
Payment : Free to Play
Website :
Status : Released

"2029" is an action MMORPG, that takes a sci-fi setting. This game takes place on a planet full of wars, in which a small portion of people finally decided to act to end the war. There are three different classes to choose from: Humans, Dryads, and Electric Elves. The third race is playing out differently, Humans focused on ranged combat, dryads in the melee, and elves in magic.

This game is played like "Diablo," with skillbar filled with a variety of attack skills, and 2.5D isometric view. In contrast to the "Diablo," players can use vehicles such as cars and tanks and the use of technology far above the earth's current technology.
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Point Blank

by Yaiman on Nov.22, 2009, under

Title: Point Blank
Genre: Online FPS
Developer: Zepetto, Korea
Publisher in Korea: NCsoft
Country in service: Korea, Thailand

Publisher in Indonesia: PT. KREON
Closed Beta: April, 2009
Payment: Free to Play with Item Mall

Introduction :

CT Force

Due to conflicts with immigrants who increasingly widespread, the government decided to set up a special organization to deal with the terrorists, selected 30 elite forces in carrying out this mission.
Since the establishment of this organization, seeking information and the existence of a terrorist organization called the Free Rebles. In line with the increasing terrorist threat from the organization Free Rebels, government troops and then send help the best that ever existed in the government who then come and join and changed its name into CT-FORCE (Counter Terrorist Force).

Free Rebels

Increasing number of immigrants who are not getting jobs and expelled from society, so to survive the immigrants then perform a variety of criminal acts from robbery to drug distribution.
This criminal action evolved into an organized movement to form an organization called the Free Rebels. Another purpose is not to master the entire drug trafficking and weapons throughout the world and create fear for the community.

Game Modes

Blank points a game mode that has some unique and different. Some of them are:

Team Death Match
Typically fast-paced battle to train the ability to play.

Mission Explosion
Players must have a strategy and a good team can win this game mode.

Destruction Mission
Each - each team must destroy the object provided to get the points.
Weapon System

At the Point Blank provided a wide range of weapons to choose from today and modified depending on your taste and style of play the player itself.

There are additional accessories such as silencers, fast reload, focus aim, and scope zoom to make a more personal weapons. Changing weapons in Point Blank is also quite easy, with a button directly faced with the choice of weapons to digunakanan on next respawn. There are several weapons with special features that no other weapons.

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